I just asked myself who my favorite photographer was and I answered, “its hard to say which one I like the most. lately I have been trying harder to see shapes in an image in order to bring photography back to its primacy. I feel their is so much more depth in geometry”. this utterance of my salvegtude (pronounced sal-va-tude, I just made it up). my eye has been twitching for like 24 hours and I was diagnosed by the guy interviewing me for a job that it was a tumor. he said he was quoting kindergarten cop.

My brother and I we’re talking about our country the other day. He and I share the same concern about the future of the country, both being economical. which really means long term. the future. this lead me to realize that I have to much anxiety. I need to not worry about the future. but that’s not the point. I’m conflicted so I’ve come to realize. It makes it hard to pursue any thing. because I don’t really care about much. and when I do, its all I care about. my brother thinks the end of our country will be the destruction of our currency. which I happen to agree with. I just think it’ll be less painful to the common eye than the phrase “DESTRUCTION of the dollar” sounds. I think we’ll simply be bought out. whether it be, in order to survive we have to accept others controlling us in order to have food rations, or because we’re in dept so badly the only way out is through merging with the European Union or a North American union. I would assume latter would only happen if we really got stupid. so all of this is hard to imagine unless one starts by asking the question, “Where does the U.S. government get its money?”. Here is an example of how America’s amazing irony, we have the worlds largest supply of uneatable corn. maybe the best thing for the economy right now would be for each person to grow edible corn and burn paper dollar bills.

so I’m going to attempt to explain a concept. Its kind of in its infancy. here’s how I typed it in my notes….”opposites can’t be random. Dichotomy or polar extremes are related more than random objects. usually opposites are related in concept. ex. birth and death. where such things as fur and Memphis Tennessee are actually more unrelated. (concept determines this. concepts range from human interruption and social decisions, but at the birth of each subject the relationship that exists defines the amount of difference. that is to assume this theory can apply to anything. which, for my personal use, It can apply to anything. its a form of discovery) in order for this statement to be less contradictory they must be more random. the fact that an idea can define both ends, I.E. Life, shows that in order for the concept to exist there must be 2 parallel opposites. and therefore some concepts are contradictory. and what benefit does that gain? its a productive question. meant to help explain an approach to developing theories and stuff. here is a puzzle I worked out for myself. if life is defined by the opposites, birth and death. now under the religious idea of ‘existing’ as we believe it the opposite to life is eternity. under what opposites can we define eternity? some would argue that there is another form of life and death that could define eternity. and the beauty of this exploration of opposites is it forces one to unrelate concepts. I would guess that in eternity one either exists or doesn’t exist. whats interesting, is how eternity polarizes itself simply by trying to understand the concept. I need help developing this theory.or maybe i just need help haha


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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