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Obviously, if anyone is honest enough with themselves, they understand that selfishness is what drives most people to do what they do. It’s a basic survival instinct. I say, ‘obviously’ to challenge your either ignorant or preexisting acknowledgment (known or unknown) of the statement. When a society is early in existence, is this selfish behavior, need to survive, more distinct? I would argue that, yes, it is more distinct. For example, the right in America for a person to own land allows one to provide for himself without hindering anyone else. Say there are people spread across the landscape that

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Gravity the force. Its unfortunate that one particular force can be so strong that it shapes the way everything in consciousness obeys. Should […]

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streams of me flowing in a wayward formation

I just asked myself who my favorite photographer was and I answered, “its hard to say which one I like the most. lately I have been trying harder to see shapes in an image in order to bring photography back to its primacy. I feel their is so much more depth in geometry”. this utterance of my salvegtude (pronounced sal-va-tude, I just made it up). my eye has been twitching for like 24 hours and I was diagnosed by the guy interviewing me for a job that it was a tumor. he said he was quoting kindergarten cop.

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