What is language?

It’s how we communicate. It’s how we share important information about ourselves and the world to others. It’s subtle and complicated, yet most of it is unintentional. I heard somewhere that 90% of all our communication is done with our face. There are also other things to take into account when communicating. For instance, maybe in our past we heard “I love you” every time we were punished as a child, so when someone says the words “I love you” we think of something grotesque and painful. What I’m trying to accomplish in this article is to explain how much communication can be left out of language when we are talking online.

The present form of online communication:

It’s no lie that every thing we do now is online or at least in some context, exists on the internet. We’re completely surrounded by this barrier blocking us from ‘real’ communication. Or are we? The common way to use language online is by blinding typing words into a text box before we hit ‘send’. I want to argue that we have adapted ways to ‘fix’ our tendency to loose meaning in our online experience. For better or worse?

The Future – And, who really cares about punctuation anymore (?) <-

So, traditionally we have used marks to signify when we complete a thought. Text represents factual, real words right? Not anymore. Now it represents a conversation. With so much communcation done online it’s no longer oneway from writer to reader to factual based result. It now travels from writer to reader then back to the writer in a cyclical manor that builds over several texts based conversations. How did this happen? Since when has building conversation been such a repetitive process?

Want to get a drink :)

Are emoticon’s seriously an option for expressing feeling? Absolutely. Take the following two sentences and look at how much difference there is within a simple line of text.

1. Do you want to be my valentine?


2. Wanna be my valentine :D

Which describes a personality better? The first sounds prim, proper and extremely boring. How would you rather be asked? I am a Joking, cynical, and sarcastic guy. If I sent out the first text to the girl-of-my-dreams I would be considered unconfident, too sincere and, most importantly, not ‘myself’. No one wants to be treated as though you are masking your intentions with text. A once humor-filled guy turns into downright loser simply because a textual error that makes the recipient feel as though they mean something they do not really mean. And she was soo perfect too! lol jk <- sarcasm

Intentions are scary

Say what you mean, mean what you say. This does not happen on the internet. Talking online involves you, the text, and your perceived image. It’s impossible to get your point across with text. And, on top of that, people are not used to thinking about what they really mean; their true intentions. So is it necessary to think about how someone may perceive you? I have no idea. In some ways, it may be beneficial to put some thought into how you ask something. But, on the other hand, which is more honest? Trying to control your image or just letting your words flow naturally?

I say:

It’s interesting to think about. Maybe that’s all ha ha :)))?!!!!


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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