Do you know that you are small. Did you know that in this universe, ultimately everything is undefined.. Do you know what that means? That means know one can tell you this way or that way is correct. That means no one knows whats correct. All we have is a probability of living correctly. What are morals? I’m asking you.

Morals are the value derived from the rarity of their occurrence and recognition of appropriate treatment based on sympathies instilled in us or observed.

Morals are also, something we can call, ‘Good’. Doesn’t this make us think, the appearance of good means the lack of bad, or balance of either, right? Doesn’t it basically come from the basis of choice?  How the hell did we invent choice? Some argue there is no such thing as choice. I argue, that the mere fact we have been able to comprehend it, means we have some sort of control. And what is the point be of not being in control? But, then whats the point of being free to choose? Basically people have some basic tools to separate themselves from a physical definable place. Belief and acceptance of the unknown, consciousness, and imagination. All and none work within the scientific realm. This comforts me.


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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