weaver website screen shotI have worked a few years with WordPress, and I have to say that this theme is one of my top picks. It’s got everything you need to create a great looking blog and it’s free.

Weaver 2.0 Theme Features

  • Versatile – Works great with lots of different looks
  • Easy To Use – Don’t have to know CSS or HTML to customize this theme(It helps)
  • Great Design – The functionality on the backend is awesome

I recommend this for most bloggers who are ready to take control of their website but are not advanced enough to delve into coding.

Weaver Theme Options

Once¬†installed you can either choose a sub-theme from Weaver’s list or start redesigning your own. The options are simple and easy to understand. Weaver’s website has great documentation to help you as well.

Built into this awesomely free WordPress template are some great widgets. Like a double column widget called ‘Weaver Text 2’ and an administrator¬†login widget called ‘Weaver Login’.

About Weaver 2.0

Weaver is created by Bruce Wampler. A WordPress teacher that could easily be charging big bucks for this template but has used it for teaching his students.

It appears to have been around for a few years and has gathered a significant number of supporters. I would suspect that if you ever needed help with something their forum area would help you out. Definitely consider donating if you can!

The latest update works with WordPress 3.1 and up. The template allowed me to restore a theme from my previous version, which I was worried about, without an issue.

Visit Weaver’s Home Page

My Site That Features the Weaver 2.0 Theme “The Story of Michael”


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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