Did you know you could make your own custom iPhone vibrations? I just figured this out a few weeks ago when I got my iPhone 4s. The Custom Vibration feature is a part of the iOS 5 update.

How To Create Custom iPhone Vibrations

Step 1:

1. Tap “Settings” in the home screen

Step 2:

2. Tap “General” in “Settings”

Step 3:

3. Tap “Accessibility” in “General”

Step 4:

4. Slide “Custom Vibrations” to the “On” position (It is a little odd that this feature is under hearing lol)

Step 5:

5. Head back to the main “Settings” area (Not Pictured)

Step 6:

6. Tap “Sounds” in the main settings area

Step 7:

7. Tap “Vibration” at the bottom of the “Sounds” section

Step 8:

8. Tap “Create New Vibration” to start making your new iPhone vibrations

Step 9:

9. Tap the screen to start recording the new vibration. At this point it’s helpful to have some rhythm ;) I did the Jaws shark attack theme.

Step 10:

10. Tap “Save” once you are done with your new recording. After you complete this it will appear in the menu next to the other vibrations. Now you can have custom vibrations for when different people call or if you get a text, etc…



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