Good Morning!!

From a surprisingly blustery day here in Atlanta. Fall came super hard on all the halloweeners last night. It was cold as shit. I went as a banana, what did you go as?

Everyone wants a pic with you when you’re a banana.

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Also, yesterday I recorded my first episode of my new podcast. It covers 3 topics which I’ll also include in this post today. Check it out. Before you read further watch this:

“…it is removed from the deceased person and submerged in a preservation solution, which was developed by hospital researchers over a 12-year period. The heart is then placed in a console, known as ‘heart in a box’, to make it start beating again.”– here

Some UberX drivers have been impounded as part of a sting. This is where I think rubber hits the road with these rideshare apps. They’re awesome and I hope they stick around.

Using the ‘vh’ property in css instead of js to simplify your code “.section { height: 100vh; }

“That’s what the company’s search tool does: It mediates our relationship with the Internet.” – Why Google wants to replace Gmail.

Teacher shadows 2 students and realizes how exhausting it is to sit in class. I covered this in my podcast in greater detail.

A very hard to read interview with my favorite artist of 2014, Carpenter Brut. Always interesting to see the perspective of musicians and how they get their motivation.


What? How to be smart and shit?! Sounds good…here

That’s it for this week. Send me any good stories or links you want me to include next week. @davidb1ane


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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