SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEOWe build and modify websites to match appropriate rules of Search Engine Optimization. We use WordPress, Joomla, Google Anaylics and slew of other plugins and monitor sites

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Website Design

website-designBuilding websites requires a knowledge of the appropriate knowledge of information architecture, aesthetics, and usability. This improves the overall performance of the site and prepares it for high rankings in search engines.

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Content Creation

Writing quality, interesting content sets the value of the site to a higher level. We write content for products, services, reviews, and press releases.

Graphic Design

Designing graphics for Logos, icons, and pictures for websites. Creating real harmonious branding across the website or social network profiles.


Planning and implementation of the way the website is laid out. Similarly known as information architecture, usability simply makes the user experience a priority.

Online Videos

online-videoProduction and post production of videos designed for internet use. Tutorials, demonstrations, commercials, product reviews, service and live events are all part of our services.

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2D Animation

Animating logos, elements and pictures for a more interactive video experience. Capabilities include, motion tracking, bluescreen keying, and keyframe animation.

What does David Blane Studios do?

David Blane Studios is a specialties company. Focusing primarily on helping you accomplish your goals. Through both proper direction and/or actual production. There are many areas to media on the Internet, and focusing on one in particularly is hard to do.

This is where DBStudios can help.DBStudios stays on top of all the current trends in relevant online interactivity and media . Web 2.0 is a ground work for many new ventures and can be tailored to help traditional websites get ouf of the ‘old way’ and adapt new and fun ways to deliver messages.

How does David Blane Studios work?

David Blane Studios is me, David Blane. I take personal interest in helping you and your brand grow. Usually what happens is we take a look at the big picture, with your company included in that picture, and to ask specific questions. From there we gather a direction or plan for us to enhance your message and adapt new practices for a better online and, in turn, offline experience.

If you know what you need and are looking for a specialist, David Blane Studios can help you there too. I have serviced several clients who are looking for people to create well thought out content as well as adapting old content into new formats.

Navigating your way though the new technologies and deciphering which are crucial and which are pointless is what we want to help you with. If you are interested in head over to my contact page.