Political Spectrum Quiz is Inaccurate

By David Blane


Have you seen this photo?

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You can take it here http://www.gotoquiz.com/politics/political-spectrum-quiz.html

It’s the latest mainstream, misguiding, and misdirected quiz out there. Floating around on Facebook and what not. What people need to realize is by forming statements that don’t ask basic questions, these quizzes often leave out valuable view points that appeal to feelings, not logic. I DO like this quiz a lot better than others but I think it’s in major need of a makeover.

Here are how the questions appear on the quiz.

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Lets begin, I’ll post the statement then answer with my commentary.

1. The state should restrict abortion in all or most cases.

- Simple answer is yes. But, like most people, I think there are certain emergencies that call for the decision to abort. There should also be the question, should government enforce it at all?

2. Unions were indispensable in establishing the middle class.

- This is irrelevant. This statement assumes that its morally right to protect one group more than another. Middle class and lower class are terms based on economic status irrespective of how they make money. the only thing unions do is mix the two classes together while encouraging the psychology of entitlement. I also feel that the only reason we separate them into groups is so we can effectively manipulate propaganda and tax legislation.

3. In nearly every instance, the free market allocates resources most efficiently.

- Yes.

4. Public radio and television funded by the state provide a valuable service the citizens.

- This statement is misguiding. We should ask ourselves if we think they are necessary, and why or why not.

5. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

- Strongly disagree.

6. Access to healthcare is a right.

- No. But, you have every right to care for your health.

7. The rich should pay a higher tax rate than the middle class.

- No.

8. School science classes should teach intelligent design.

- Public schools are unconstitutional.

9. Marriage must be heralded for the important role it plays in society.

- This statement is irrelevant. Marriage doesn’t need to be heralded by the government, but it also should not be defined by it.

10. Sometimes war is necessary, even if it means you strike first.

- The necessity of the war should not depend on striking first.

11. Patriotism is an overrated quality.

- This is a potentially great statement. I would word it as, “Patriotism in America is nothing more than living with the freedom protected by the constitution”

12. Radio stations should be required to present balanced news coverage.

- No.

13. Government should do something about the increasing violence in video games.

- Wow. This is ridiculous. Can anyone think of a good reason for the government to get involved with this?

14. If our leaders meets with our enemies, it makes us appear weak.

- Our leaders are obligated under oath to protect and defend the constitution. If they don’t then I get worried.

15. We must use our military from time to time to protect our supply of oil, to avoid a national crisis.

- It’s not our right to take other people/countries oil. It is our right to defend what we own.

16. Strong gun ownership rights protect the people against tyranny.

- Yep.

17. It makes no sense to say ‘I’m spiritual but not religious.

- Completely irrelevant.

18. It is not government’s responsibility to regulate pollution.

- It’s governments job to make sure we don’t make the earth unlivable.

19. Gay marriage should be forbidden.

- Do they mean illegal? either way, marriage is defined by religious organizations. Itis only government’s role to recognize that, not define it.

20. It should be against the law to use hateful language toward another racial group.

- No.

21. Government should ensure that all citizens meet a certain minimum standard of living.

- No.

22. It is wrong to enforce moral behavior through the law because this infringes upon an individual’s freedom.

- Yes.

23. Immigration restrictions are economically protectionist. Non-citizens should be allowed to sell their labor domestically at a rate the market will pay.

- If they are selling services illegally, than NO, because they’re illegal. Which restrictions are we talking about?

24. An official language should be set, and immigrants should have to learn it.

- No. But, businesses should never be forced to higher non-english speaking people, for example.

25. Whatever maximizes economic growth is good for the people.

- Whatever people think is good maximizes economic growth.

26. Racial issues will never be resolved. It is human nature to prefer one’s own race.

- Irrelevant.

27. People with a criminal history should not be able to vote.

- Depends on the crime. I don’t think crime is what makes a stupid voter.

28.  Marijuana should be legal.

- Yes.

29. The state should fine television stations for broadcasting offensive language.

- No.

30. It does not make sense to understand the motivations of terrorists because they are self-evidently evil.

- Terrorists is term that generates fear. Terrorism is simply a tactical advance. From a quick guess, if we consider them as humans then we can assume any action is based on self preservation. Otherwise there must be considerable evidence and/or persuasion to prove the alternative.

31. The lower the taxes, the better off we all are.

- Yeah, not to hard to understand huh.

32. Minority groups that have faced discrimination should receive help from the state to get on an equal footing.

- No. But I’m curious to how one defines equal except by the term in the constitution.

33. It is wrong to question a leader in wartime.

- Not at all!

34. Tighter regulation would have prevented the collapse of the lending industry.

- If the regulation was to NOT regulate.

35. It makes sense and is fair that some people make much more money than others.

- Money isn’t what makes life fair.

36. Toppling enemy regimes to spread democracy will make the world a safer place.

- Safer? Maybe. Less free? Definitely.

37. The state has no business regulating alcohol and tobacco products.

- Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

38. If an unwed teen becomes pregnant, abortion may be a responsible choice.

- How is abortion ever responsible?

39. International trade agreements should require environmental protections and workers’ rights.

- International trade agreements themselves need to be reconsidered on the behalf of the constitution.

40. Gay equality is a sign of progress.

- Gay isn’t anymore equal than straight. Human is human.

41. The state should be able to put a criminal to death if the crime was serious enough.

- I don’t like killers being allowed to live, but I also don’t like government being in charge of living.

42. The military budget should be scaled back.

- Yes.

43. Economic competition results in inumerable innovations that improve all of our lives.

- Yes. And it’s ‘innumerable’.

44. It is not our place to condemn other cultures as backwards or barbaric.

- And it’s not governments job to keep us from thinking or saying that.

45. When one group is slaughtering another group somewhere in the world, we have a responsibility to intervene.

- Nope. But we should consider it if it affects us.

46. We’d be better off if we could just lock up some of the people expressing radical political views, and keep them away from society.

- Nope. Might be more boring though.

47. Unrestrained capitalism cannot last, as wealth and power will concentrate to a small elite.

- I don’t think it does more than any other type of market.

48. It is a problem when young people display a lack of respect for authority.

- Sure, but what do you do about it?

49. When corporate interests become too powerful, the state should take action to ensure the public interest is served.

- Yes. But by deregulation, should be determined by a jury.

50. A person’s morality is between that person and God only. Government should not get involved.

- Yep.

51. The state should not set a minimum wage.

- Correct.

52. A nation’s retirement safety net cannot be trusted to the fluctuations of the stock market.

The problem is that this statement assumes we need a safety net.

53. Offensive or blasphemous art should be suppressed.


“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

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