America Health Care *Town Hall* press coverage w/Stella Lohmann

*updated 10-6-09 – I need to give Stella Lohmann credit here… She was the reason I was even got a press pass to the event! And I mistakenly did not give her the proper credit in this post. SORRY STELLA! Stella Lohmann (AKA Stella on Fire!) has a very crucial blog right now. I urge you to visit her take on current political conditions at*

I went to the Health Care Town Hall today at Centinnial Olympic Park as Stella Lohmann’s camera man! What a BLAST! Next time I want to play drums :) haha. Got to see Jonathon Krohn, Herman Cain and the like… It was fun times…

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

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