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I had shitty cholesterol. Then I fixed it. In a month.

No, it’s not that easy, but because I’m fairly young, have motivation, a decent diet and workout routine, it was possible. If you have found yourself in the same boat, or just want to avoid bad cholesterol, I hope my story can help you.

First couple of things to note before I started this regimen. And, a lot of people are worse off than I was. So please take necessary measures with recommendations from your doctor. My plan worked for me because I have an interest in health, and have been exposed to proper work out methods since before high school.

Here is my physiological situation before I started.

I am 29 years old, weigh 178 lbs and about 5’10” tall.

My diet consisted of smoothies for breakfast consisting of spinach and fruit from the frozen section at the grocery store. Sometimes eggs. Sometimes peanut butter or granola bar in a rush out the door. One cup of regular coffee in the morning and 2-3 cups of decaf throughout the work day. Lunch usually consisting of whatever my fat ass wanted to order. Lets just say anything bad. Dinner was either eating out or making a smoothie. Alcohol consumption consisted of 3-6 drinks sporadically during the week and 5-10 on the weekends.

Before I went to the doctor I already knew I needed to cut back on drinking, eating shitty, and start working out regularly.

I was growing a gut, my jaw was getting noticeably fatter than I have ever been and I would get heartburn.

Some of the worst symptoms were not being able to breath in all the way sometimes, or just feeling really bloated after a seriously large meal. This is usually a problem with your body’s ability to break down food. You feel lethargic, full and eventually it starts becoming like a cloud of heaviness to your life. Harder to get out of the car, go up stairs, just stupid tasks that shouldn’t feel heavy, feel like they take extra work.

So, sorry for the long build up. When I went to the doctor for my physical I got my blood work done and I was shocked to find that I needed to get back into shape and knock down this bad cholesterol.

Here are my bad cholesterol results:

bad cholesterol blood work results

LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) was in the normal range – “In a world of good and bad cholesterol, LDL is the bad one. LDL collects in the walls of blood vessels, causing the blockages of atherosclerosis.” – source
VLDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) was in the high range 55 mg/dL “VLDL contains the highest amount of triglycerides. VLDL is considered a type of bad cholesterol, because it helps cholesterol build up on the walls of arteries.” – source
HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol) was in the low range 31 mg/dL “HDL cholesterol is the well-behaved “good cholesterol.” This friendly scavenger cruises the bloodstream. As it does, it removes harmful bad cholesterol from where it doesn’t belong.” – source
Triglycerides (lipids) were high at 273 mg/dL “Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood. When you eat, your body converts any calories it doesn’t need to use right away into triglycerides.” – source

There are a couple things I want to note here.

I was very upfront with my doctor about all my bad habits, which isn’t always easy. I admit, when I talk to doctors, sometimes I feel like they are judging me. But, you just have to power through that for your health’s sake.

The goal is to get better, not protect one’s whiny-ass self from feeling stupid. Or, in my case, being a little bitch about cutting back on some “luxuries”.

Do some forensics on your day-to-day diets. What are you consuming? Where what can you eliminate (REALISTICALLY) and still enjoy yourself?

My prescription from my doctor. Eliminate drinking, go on low-carb diet, and work out more. To be honest, he wasn’t as concerned about my cholesterol as I was. but, personally, I don’t like any of these numbers to be out of whack. We also planned to draw blood again and retest in a month.

I took it a lot further. I stopped eating anything with bread, pasta, or dairy. I also eliminated sugary-anything.

A couple of things I noticed, my protein powder had a large amount of cholesterol accounting for almost 30% of my daily intake. I learned that one egg has a whopping 67% of your daily cholesterol (mostly just the yoke). And, another surprise, shrimp is right up there with eggs. This combined with high-carb intake, shitty sugary foods, and alcohol, were tearing my body to shreds.

What’s interesting is that some of the higher fat foods aren’t actually as bad for you. For instance, some cooking oils are actually good for you in the right amount.

The “Bad Cholesterol” Diet

NO CARB. No carbs. No CARBS!!!! Also, I took a break from alcohol for 2 weeks (then I went to vegas and that stopped). Then continued normally, with a little more caution and also switching to vodka and diet, sugar free sodas when possible. Vodka and diet, sugar free ginger beer is great.

What you need:

  • Blender – I use a nutri-bullet.
  • Spinach or superfood greens, found in produce section
  • Bananas, found in produce section
  • Mixed frozen fruit, frozen food isle. Whatever you think looks good, but check the nutrition facts.
  • Wheat based fiber powder (like this)- This ingredient is key. I took it 3 times a day.
  • Orange juice, low sugar and added calcium or vitamin D.
  • Coconut milk sugar free.
  • Protein power veggie based (just make sure it’s low in cholesterol and carbs).
  • Natural peanut butter – for light snacking.
  • Baby Carrots – for light snacking.
  • Triscuits – for light snacking.
  • Hummus – for light snacking.

Diet Schedule And Framework

Morning: Sinach and “superfood” green smoothie (most grocery stores have this mix. if not, opt for just spinach). Mix frozen fruit, orange juice and 2 tsp of fiber powder, and a large handful of spinach.

Lunch: Buy some powdered fiber for work too and leave it there. Order spinach salads, bring a spinach salad, or figure out a way to only eat vegetables during lunch. But you need to make sure it’s big enough to fill you up. Mix up your powder fiber in water or with food and drink your appetite suppressant.

Dinner: Another smoothy, but we’re switching up the taste, even though it’s nearly the same. Although we’ll get more potassium with this. Use a whole banana, your protein powder, coconut milk, spinach or supergreens, and, of course, your powder fiber. If you’re on a work out plan, I suggest eating after your workout, but there’s no exact science to it (at least that I know of). You definitely want to eat late enough to stay full for bed, but not so late that you stay awake. 7:30-8pm worked out well for me.

Appetite suppressants: The powered fiber and coffee worked great for me. Adding the fiber immediate added a layer of fullness I was not used to right away, and for the first couple of days, you will be very gassy. Neither coffee nor powdered fiber have hardly any calories (I drink coffee from a french press and it’s black with no added anything). Note you can use any other stimulant like tea to help with this. Lunch is the time when you will feel the hungriest. After you eat your salad, immediate chug a cup of water with your mixed in fiber, and grab some coffee. I only have 1 cup of regular coffee in the morning, then I switch to decaf, so I’ll start a fresh cup of decaf right after lunch. It acts as a suppressant even though it’s probably just a trick I play on my mind. In general, appetite is pretty big for those that have a real problem with dieting in general. Staying full is tough. First and foremost, you need to be busy during the day. If work doesn’t keep your mind off of food, then you will need to plan a way to stay focused on something else.

Immune system health: boosting your immune system is like giving your body permission to run efficiently, and get rid of the grim building up inside you.

Vitamins and other ways to increase immune system health:

  • Yoga – decrease stress, tells your body to move and stay flexible. No chanting or weird-ass spiritual shit needed, but feel free to add it.
  • Vitamin D – You should take this regardless of anything, all the time. I take 2 2000UI pills before bed.
  • Fish Oil – around 3000 mg a day worked for me.
  • Vitamin C – around 2000 mg a day worked for me.
  • Moderate Alcohol – some people think this can help raise HDL levels. Fortunately I got plenty of it during my diet *wink wink.

For this diet to work you need to stay rigorous. Make your first goal the day you go back to the doctor for a blood resampling.

Workout Routine:

It’s pretty simple. 5 days a week. Main highlights are cardio and weights. I set goals weekly. For instance I started out curls with 20lbs weights and knew I needed to get up to 45lbs to get back to my highschool days. Or on bench, I would need to go from a comfortable 135lbs rep base to maxing out around 250 lbs (1 rep).

Every day I go I start with 10 minutes warm up on either the elliptical or treadmill. Focus on a light-set (more reps, lower weights) or heavy set (less reps, more weight). I focus on 2 muscle groups every time I go: arms, back, chest, core, legs, or full body. Always, get at least 50-100 stomach ab workout reps in there.

I work in sets (10 reps) or 3 per muscle group and do 3 different exercises twice. For example, 30 curls, 30 lunches, 30 pull ups then repeat, or change it up slightly still focusing on that group. Sometimes I’ll mix in 3 muscle groups, or try to max on something. The only rule for me is to make sure I push my limit every time.

After every workout I run 1 mile on the treadmill or elliptical.

Monday: Easily the worst day of the work week to try and go balls-to-the-wall at the gym. I do yoga in my basement to a video. Nothing spectacular, but try to increase flexibility every time you do it.

Tuesday: After warm up I see how many pull ups I can do. This is really the only set work out I do first thing every week. After that I usually do light arms and core, back or legs. Warm down.

Wednesday: Warm up. Go straight into benching, then flies, then either some back, core or legs. Usually ending on a flurry of planks (10 second hold) and push ups (10) until I reach 30 push ups and 30 seconds in plank. Warm down.

Thursday: Warm up. Heavy set of arms and I always through squats in here (with weights, to be clear). Push yourself on squats (but don’t hurt yourself). Squats are really good for you. Before you run a mile, do a lighter leg work out like lunges or simply squatting without weights. Consider stretching out that hammy and quad before you hit your warm down.

Friday: Warm up. Heavy set of chest and tris. My other muscle group is usually Abs here. For the weekend you want to feel the soreness Saturday and Sunday. Warm down.

Weekends: I take it easy. But the first couple of weeks I would still squeeze in 40 push ups or a short 2-3 mile run.


Here is the email from my doctor:Beating cholesterol, note from doctor


Low cholesterol hdl, ldl, vldl, triglycerides

Everythings is back to normal, except my dern HDL Cholesterol! Just 1 point shy of being in the Normal range of 40 – 60 mg/dL. Still a big win in my book, but I still want to keep improving.

On top of my better cholesterol. I also dropped 10 pounds to 168lbs and added some nice tone (including some firm-fucking pecs).

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0:00done and done in a dead added you guys still playing with another episode of
0:10life from a curious mind this week is a very interesting episode that I it’s
0:17more of a personal story about lifestyle health and I you know happiness and all
0:25the other good things about being a healthy individual so really for more
0:32information about this episode i really suggest you look at my blog I spent more
0:36time there writing down some specifics especially on my diet and workout
0:42routine for this particular blog we’re gonna covered today is just around
0:48cholesterol having bad cholesterol and how to lower your cholesterol and raise
0:56your good cholesterol I’ll go into more detail about that in my blog and there’s
1:01a lot of really need a gritty detail about how I really accomplish this so
1:09long story short I was able to do really good work in about 30 days maybe a
1:15little bit more about a month’s worth of work working out dieting and everything
1:19to get my cholesterol back on track so definitely will say it again check out
1:26my blog for the specifics in case they leave anything out of this
1:30the story behind this to kind of set everything up for me personally I am
1:36pretty young considering someone who could have my cholesterol usually these
1:41things are genetic or you just have poor lifestyle choices there’s a lot of
1:47contributing factors a lot of those who do I pay attention to but at the same
1:51time I’m just kind of setting the stage for my personal my personal experience
1:57here to kind of give you more information about your average you know
2:02mail size five ten hundred and sixty eight pounds now I was a hundred 1778
2:11when I first started
2:12before this little exercise diet routine and I got into back when I was first
2:21given my lab results I was this average height and weight so long story short
2:30basically I need to go in for my yearly physical and it’s been several years so
2:36I knew in my in the past I actually had high triglycerides which are not your
2:43cholesterol but they can I think the way it works is they are part of what can
2:49work with your cholesterol to make it worth your body worse in dealing with
2:55bad cholesterol I’m not really sure on the full details of it essentially
3:00there’s a range of a couple hundred to a more couple hundred that put you at risk
3:06may be getting heart disease if you’re exposed this way for a long time where
3:10you live this way for a long time so high triglycerides are bad but they are
3:15more common I think especially genetically and you have to check your
3:20facts on that definitely not a doctor just researched guy that issue and I had
3:26to fix it so deeply researched their coordinate with your doctor said you
3:32know so kinda what I knew going into this is a skinny guy growing up I how
3:38people would be like you know you have a high metabolism I usually eat alot I was
3:44never worried about never really worried about really eating anything I mean I
3:49just ate enough I felt shittier something I would just start doing that
3:53particular thing or if I just knew you know over time I would be damaging my
3:58body a lot I wouldn’t try to build habits around certain things so I do
4:03have a general knowledge and discipline around eating but it’s when it comes
4:09down to feeling good what he’s doing what I want to do I’m I’m usually pretty
4:13just open and liberal about doing whatever I fuckin want so that’s a
4:18pretty terrible way to live your life if you the older I get
4:23the the more expect not to be able to get away with that I do kind of myself
4:29how healthy in a ballot trying to balance out my misbehaving so every time
4:33there’s a long period of drinking or there’s laws of carbon take a lots of
4:40food I’ll take vitamins or work out or do something to cut off said that in the
4:46past year too I think me working more and kind of getting into the corporate
4:50environment I more or less just slacked off on a lot of the stuff so going into
4:57my doctor I was I kinda knew there was gonna be something I prime need to work
5:02on and i was just kinda like give it to me straight doc let’s get this thing
5:07whatever it is you know let’s I know I gotta cut out here so I was really up
5:13front about dealing with stuff I said yeah pretty shitty diet basically eat
5:19out whatever one late night I’ll use it up on the weekends all the stuff that
5:26you know essentially no watching carbs or calories or anything like that I put
5:34on a couple of pounds and you like over the past year too I I could why can’t
5:39tell you how much fat I can just see my my stomach popped out more and more so
5:45it’s it’s not something I was proud of anyway going to the beach and the pool
5:50now was actually the first time in my life ever that I’ve even considered
5:54myself looking really as like a fat person I am a person right now and I’m
6:03not trying to belittle anybody who may struggle with being overweight or is he
6:07laid out I’m just saying to myself I was always skinny kid you know that comes
6:13with the dogs benefits a negative stigmas as well but you know so being
6:20seen myself in this light and looking in the mirror I just getting discuss it I
6:23felt my face again fatter and basic idea is you some so what’s the doctor and get
6:30my blood work done I said doc you know
6:33here’s what I’m doing here’s all the pills I’m taking you know I sometimes
6:37have trouble sleeping so I take melatonin you know sometimes I’ll be
6:43drinking a lot so I’ll take a vitamin B at night before storing your in my
6:47hangover the next day so it’s like little tricks like that that I would do
6:51in a pretty infrequently though i got really bad about taking vitamins I
6:57wouldn’t really worry about that kind of stuff but I honestly I was pretty good
7:01about grocery shopping list for breakfast foods and potentially some
7:07dinners although I was eating out a lot for dinners so essentially lots of the
7:13times in the morning I would use a smoothie partially because it’s easy to
7:18do and if you buy groceries every week it’s pretty healthy too so I knew doing
7:25that was a good thing but I actually made a couple mistakes as well that I
7:30did not know when I found out I have high cholesterol I went and we got my
7:35blood work done I had though HDL switch your good cholesterol had helped secure
7:41your body get rid of the junk in the bloodstream essentially so that it just
7:46flashes her body I had high LDL and VLDL cholesterol which are known as your bad
7:54cholesterol like I said earlier I had high triglycerides not overly of Lehigh
7:59they said it was a range from like 200 to 800 was somewhere or no I think it’s
8:06like 140 would be the highest you want to be and I was like a 240 250 range
8:12which is actually not that bad he said my doctor said you know if you go to
8:17like someone who’s really bad triglycerides will be 600 800 range I
8:22think it was but double check my make sure you do your research so
8:29basically found out high cholesterol can lead to focus on that’s a really simple
8:33approach to do research on what you know
8:36bring us down and I’m just gonna break it down for real quick here first things
8:43first if you want to do anything to go on a diet you increase your immune
8:49health there’s a couple things you wanna do you are focused on distressing and
8:54that can mean just have a better attitude try to focus on you know what
9:02you can do every day to make yourself happy don’t over stress you know if you
9:07like this is your new priorities your diet or exercise so the next month at
9:13least two months maybe three months depending on how bad you are I would
9:17just say you know what this my health at least for the next three months you can
9:22continue after that but maybe you want to reshuffle your goals at that point
9:26what your health goals are at this point you have one goal and that’s to get
9:29healthy so think about things that make you happy
9:32definitely don’t over commit to a lot of stuff I started doing yoga every month
9:38every Monday in my basement alone one thing for a guy it’s kinda hard to go to
9:44yoga and feel like you today is usually a bunch of girls and that’s just how it
9:52is so I usually just do it alone now watching video or something to mimic and
9:58that was pretty easy so that’s really good thing for Monday’s money is only
10:01ever feel like going to the gym I don’t feel like dealing with people it’s just
10:06a fuckin Monday at some unknown likes Mondays so it’s a great time to do yoga
10:10for me so I get home it’s dinner
10:15well in this case i i switch to smoothies Rodriguez movie with an hour
10:20or so and and when it gets to be kind of like late maybe 830 I’ll do yoga so it’s
10:25it’s right before about the tone it down and wind down for bed if I’d been
10:31drinking on the weekend even on Sunday or something this is definitely the
10:34night that you need to clear that out
10:37make sure you make yours to give yourself is clean system to start the
10:41workout week so my my goals on Monday are trained to just clean my body out
10:47make sure that it’s completely free of toxins and bad energy whatever that
10:54means to you essentially just feeling happy in composed watching something at
11:00night when you’re falling asleep reading a book
11:03meditating whatever you gotta do to get yourself in the mode you know on the
11:09weekends I’ve also been doing some my course work so I try not to do anything
11:13strenuous there i mean this is like your day for pleasure after the first day of
11:18work when you’re probably given a lot of shit to do in the morning see you when I
11:21turn all that back refocus for the for the workout work week so I usually watch
11:28something very easy documentary stuff night watch anything at all so basically
11:36stuff to make sure you’re happy
11:37like travel documentaries about going places through documentaries about
11:42sheriff’s although that could make you hungry so don’t do that if you’re gonna
11:47start going and playing out downstairs so that’s kind of like the first day in
11:53the life of your first your first lesson second lesson we need to think about the
12:00pills and the other immune health items that you’re gonna wanna throw into
12:05really target this high cholesterol low battery low good cholesterol problem so
12:13we know when I went to the doctor he just said low carb diet he said focus on
12:18working out and so I was like you know what that’s great I’m young so he’s
12:23probably not really that worried about me now maybe he would be if I was forty
12:27or fifty so he’s probably just cut me a little slack is a figure out eventually
12:32marry now but I I don’t work that way so I want to get the ship back into gear
12:38here and no one way I decided to do that is related to sing hard for him five
12:45days a week and targeting so well-known vitamins and supplements second
12:50help turn this thing on so with the immune health there’s a couple of
12:53vitamin C you wanna do
12:55vitamin C’s DS and DS DS are for your immune health overall there’s been
13:02studies show that helps depression that helps with your overall body’s ability
13:09to deal with itself essentially so it’s like it’s like it’s likes hanging out in
13:15the Sun for a while you know that little Sun high that you get from being out the
13:19fuck son that’s really just exposure to your body was a lot of vitamin D just
13:24feel good they say that helps with depression and a lot of three other
13:28things that also helps you from your sick as much lower stress just help your
13:34body fight off that shit in your in your shed whatever so by vitamin B is really
13:40helping your energy level from what I understand it’s more metabolic so it
13:46helps you break down foods and store energy in your your muscles and brain
13:51more so you’re able to kind of put things to work that were working before
13:56it’s also helps you stay hydrated in some ways I think so you want to take it
14:02when you’re a few been drinking or something like that to help your body’s
14:06overcome the shit you just put in their vitamin C everyone knows the orange
14:12juice orange juice guide to successful yes I’m just kind of making the show but
14:19it is known to to help your immune system alot so doing that in there is
14:23always a good one and I just do that regularly one thing to note here is I
14:29also take most of all my pills at night that’s because during the day sometimes
14:35all feel the side effects of taking too many vitamins that could be like some
14:40Lothar forging feelings just assume some time together slowness I think because
14:47if I have been gorging and sugars and stuff during the on the weekend or
14:51something and then I come back on on Monday in start doing this or
14:58well you’re definitely gonna feel if you dive straight into this diet hardcore is
15:02your gonna feel the lack of sugars and carbs in you you’ll probably feel
15:07slightly depressed because of the first few days without sugars and stuff so I
15:12think he’s a night when I about to sleep with a melatonin I get knocked out the
15:17vitamins do their work I don’t feel anything I wake up good to go so I’ve
15:23just been doing it that way sometimes I i’ve Associated vitamin D with like a
15:27foggy headed feeling I’m not really sure of those related all but like the spacey
15:32feeling when you’re at work and you just feel like you’re just having trouble
15:35focusing but there could be a lot of other things as well so the couple other
15:42things to think about here I was started taking niacin but then I found out later
15:48that my doctor did not recommend that so that’s when you’re thinking about doing
15:53check with your doctor apparently it’s kind of been overruled is actually doing
15:57anything good for your body so I would I would recommend the other ones once one
16:09of the major things that I did here to focus on was fiber fiber really solve a
16:17lot of the problems that I was was having I mean it’s I think that makes
16:22with a low carb diet kinda told my body hey we’re we’re good to go back this
16:28year so what I did with fiber is I got the power of those Metamucil commercials
16:36or benefiber I think it is one of those but you’ll have to get that fancy stuff
16:43for you and make sure that you’re getting about three grams of fiber
16:46there’s I think I included a link in my my blog to the type of fiber amusing so
16:52it’s really just a power that you can mix in with your smoothie or with just
16:56water and just check it real quick during the day and actually I recommend
16:59doing that at lunch because right after lunch if you’re under this diet you’re
17:04going to get pretty hungry if you don’t do something to stress you out so the
17:10pills I suggest
17:11including fiber into your diet three times a day 2 tbsp 2 teaspoons sorry so
17:18it’s not a whole lot you don’t go overboard earlier and you will feel
17:22really gassy for the first week or two or just take a lot all at once
17:27essentially after a while my body started started to get used to a lot of
17:32fiber it just does it does it really complain anymore I mean sometimes I have
17:37to take a bathroom break more than I would but it’s really not a you
17:42definitely notice it right away when you start but over time it goes away if it’s
17:48unpleasant I mean just think about how much worse it is when you’re watching
17:53your face with bad essentially so there this is the tradeoff you either get a
18:03lot of bad food cravings or appetite cravings or you can have some gases
18:08feelings for like a week but you don’t really feel it
18:11the cravings I doubt with your Chuck survivor I mean I really contribute by
18:17virtue making it possible for me not to get hungry during lunch so I really
18:22really really strongly recommend using fiber with your doctor hall that cause
18:30I’m not help special here so I guess so
18:34fiber is a good one vitamin D vitamin B’s I’m and see them in check this chair
18:44yes that’s it really those are the 300 what missed one big one here this royal
18:54is one of the only things that most official blog like mayo clinic or health
19:04doctor of we’re recommending they said really if you have high cholesterol new
19:10one organic or non-organic just a settlement that you can get over the
19:14counter tops plus release officials really the number one thing to do to
19:19help take it down faster so fish oil
19:25view a lot I recommend around 3,000 milligrams a day which works for me
19:31which is about two pills I stocked up about two pills and even when I first
19:36start off I was doing two in the morning to night with your doctor on that I just
19:43didn’t really think it would make much of a difference to me and it did really
19:46do anything so I can say that it works for me but not gonna say that will work
19:51for you
19:51the same but you know vitamin C added about 2,000 milligrams a day I did
20:00vitamin D about 4,000 you are whatever that means so it just depends based on
20:09the bill but those right I definitely stayed really hard on this for the first
20:13two or three weeks kinda just slacked off towards the end but I so do it as
20:19much as possible so so so we’re thinking about to settle this right we got immune
20:28health supplements and high-fiber being a key ingredient here to really helping
20:35you stay your appetites so after it suppresses appetite suppressing is a
20:43huge tactic here and especially with any diet that I just kind of I just kind of
20:50decided beforehand
20:52getting hungries gonna suck so what am I gonna do about this one thing you can do
20:57is a couple of things mentally there’s there’s a whole game got played yourself
21:02mentally want to make sure you have some stuff to be focused on during this time
21:07you want USA busy work in a good way don’t be stressed out but you want to be
21:11trying to entertain it works or not if you don’t go to work you want to make
21:16sure that you find something to do during the day that is not gorging
21:19yourself one of the easiest ways to do this is don’t spend too much time at the
21:25grocery store don’t go and you’re hungry try to spend only like 40 to 50 bucks
21:31because that’s all you’re gonna need on this diet once a week or so that’s all I
21:36spent that
21:38sometimes it’s been more unlike like a good in here and there but that’s it
21:42so some other things to keep your appetites down I drink coffee like a
21:49madman and I have been for a long time so the past year to think in the past
21:54two years I’ve only taken down my caffeine cup of coffee down 21 per day
22:01and the rest is decaf a drink that sparingly but I always have like a warm
22:06cup of my desk and sometimes I take like once but it just sits there all day or
22:11sometimes I’ll take like three cups of four cups of decaf just depends so my
22:17appetites really never that bad at work I don’t have any snacks however I will
22:23say I was eating chocolate a lot of work I I would keep order in chocolate
22:27because everybody like that come by and get a chopper to make you so that would
22:31be something that I would do but now I’m just got out too much sugar arkansas bad
22:38for you in small amounts but if you can’t do it don’t do it this is not a
22:44point to it maybe grab grab some dark chocolate at the grocery store and
22:48killing one bar and limit yourself only that but otherwise I’m gonna go really
22:54for down Rabbitohs you’re on the podcast today I try to keep it short as possible
22:59but want to give you as much information as you can
23:02again leave comments on this let me know if you need more information be happy
23:07try to research for you but essentially I just want to share what we were
23:11getting into that so appetite suppressants are huge parts of making
23:17sure you stay in your diet plan right because you don’t want to get hungry and
23:20gorgeous self so when you go to the grocery store don’t buy too much also
23:25you want to maybe buy a couple sacks and four stacks I recommend something really
23:32simple my favorites
23:35go to my favorite go-to czar carrots and hummus and make sure the hummus is it
23:39like high fat high cholesterol no cholesterol try to get everything was
23:43your cholesterol in it you know just make sure that I thought so OK when
23:49you’re working out a lot
23:50so that’s great if you are going to die anyway you’re gonna burn that shit off
23:54but I thought you’re not necessarily bad for you just depends on the type of fat
23:59I don’t know much about all that just make sure you when you’re reading the
24:04back the tuition labels be do your due diligence before you buy anything that
24:08doesn’t have closed draw in in a decent amount of fats and just pitch into the
24:12daily value percentage if you like if it’s like 50 percent of your daily
24:16values should probably not even touch that should but if it’s only six percent
24:20or something as part of your snack that’s not a big deal because you’re not
24:27a whole lot of that are you shouldnt so carrots and hummus in sometimes because
24:34I started to trust myself a little more I would get Triscuits or some type of
24:40also has no cholesterol but it’s not really good for you essentially it’s
24:45just your junk food so don’t treat it as something that’s good for you as part of
24:50your diet is something you should be avoiding but it’s ok to have a little
24:56bit of it just cuz you’re going to have to cheat with something so might as well
25:01be me Triscuits are some cracker that satisfies that sugar salt craving that
25:08you’re going to get that’s fine so if you’re working out every day so that
25:14covers the basics here so let’s that kind of gives you an outline a
25:19foundation to start so I’ll go into my daily diet I have asked I have a blender
25:26that essentially it’s like a neutral boy on a few guys over if you ever used one
25:30of those it’s it’s really easy to just make a smoothie right now and just heard
25:35just drink it and you’re done that’s why I always just in the mornings I was
25:41doing that before I started this diet but before but after I started this diet
25:47I realized that one of my gradients probably weren’t doing the whole lot of
25:51good that I need to focus more so what you’re going to need when you go
25:59shopping at the grocery store stocked up all the stuff
26:02is a blunder your needs finish a lot of spinach super food mixes ok something
26:09that actually gives you nutrition plus you want more just nothing like celery
26:18celery that’s like water in a green stick there is really nothing in there
26:24worthwhile venture super food grains are gonna get a lot of other nutrients are
26:29really good for you and that also helps you stay fall in your body happy music
26:35system happy essentially just giving it what it what it needs mixed frozen
26:41fruits as is where you’re going to get your good carbs and you’re good sugars
26:45and all the good tastes in the morning so when you’re actually trying to enjoy
26:50yourself in the morning this is what you’re gonna want so I usually get the
26:55mixed frozen fruit is usually like a bag of peaches and strawberries I don’t
27:00really worry I know is there’s no cholesterol and it’s really good for you
27:04so I don’t worry about the type of fruit just checking based fiber powder and
27:16again like I said there’s a link to that and my blogs it’s immediately clear what
27:21that is
27:22got to find that the diet so I should have somebody like it’s sometimes it
27:27says nothing to do with being in the type of food I’ll it’s usually in the
27:30medicine or so OK next item would be like orange juice low sugar is
27:42recommended but not necessary I only put like a couple like half a cup in their
27:49maybe maybe a full cup not much and then the rest is water sugar I usually go for
27:56like lotion if I can how did calcium or vitamin D I can coconut milk so you want
28:04some of this protein powder that’s veggie base vegetable base that can also
28:10double as you’re super food or super greens
28:15but make sure it has no cholesterol one thing that I was doing prior to this
28:20diet was actually using purchasing power that hard pretty high cholesterol and
28:25accounted for like 30 percent of my daily value so I was just an abnormal
28:32amount of cholesterol 22 pretty my body when I just worked out and it’s just a
28:38few times I think for big body builders that kind of thing but you’re trying to
28:45cut back so let’s get everything balanced out first before you try to be
28:51some superhuman machine then you can just pick you know about that next thing
28:58is one thing I love to snack on his natural peanut butter definitely going
29:03to make you fat if you child down on a lot but it’s really not bad for you if
29:07you do
29:08natural the natural and it would be bad if you had anything that had any refined
29:13sugars or anything that’s going to essentially slow down your your your
29:21body breaking down the student digesting it so after that baby carrots and
29:28Triscuits and almost like we just talked about for snacking in the mornings use I
29:33do this movie I do orange juice
29:37the spiritual power Greens superfood sorry and makes out with the frozen
29:44fruit orange like a little bit of orange juice and mostly water for the liquid
29:48base 2 teaspoons of fiber powder in a large handful sorry I guess so the large
29:57animals which is usually how much of it in there and that’s it makes a lot
30:02together it tastes great worry about that it’s as soon as you with the fiber
30:09you’re gonna be full especially if you bring coffee right next to where I
30:13usually do a French press coffee was completely black and I just make that in
30:20a French press it’s good to go in about two minutes so while you’re blaming
30:24everything together if you start heating the water at first time you’re done
30:28the water will go off and you can pour the coffee or the water and coffee I
30:36that’s my only only regular caffeine cup of the day the rest of the day I’m doing
30:41decaf it is still either its mental or i don’t realize is or not but it still
30:47acts as an appetite suppressant much like any stimulus I think that’s
30:52supposed to be the caffeine doing it but I’ve checked my brain into thinking I’m
30:56for what I drink it somehow so usually it works for me for lunch
31:02this is a little more tricky you’re at work or not but usually it’s more
31:07convenient to get to a lunch or maybe you have a lunch meeting with somebody
31:12or you’re going out to lunch nine times out of ten it’s just a freakin the worst
31:16meal the day because you’re obligated to figure it out on the spot usually it is
31:22much as we all like to prepare it just doesn’t happen so just always stick to a
31:27salad with no chicken or anything like just gonna say is I’m leaving protein
31:35out of a lot of this it’s impossible to do in a diet just gonna need protein so
31:42try to get you know once and while do you like a grilled chicken and vegetable
31:49platter saying after lunch because you will be working off so we do want to do
31:56that but for the most part always stick to your spinach salad and essentially
32:03just in taking his few calories as possible during lunch and if you’re
32:08really hungry hungry later snack on something when you get home from work
32:12don’t do it while you’re at work if you’re hungry at work when you the first
32:17thing you gotta do after lunch every day I swear you go just as you gotta get
32:23your your fiber powder need to have some work to mix it in with a small cup of
32:28water that you can chug instilling just doesn’t taste that great so just just
32:34plug it in you know just to a glass of water stirred up one thing I found
32:39helpful as if you go to the grocery store for lunch
32:42you can like a packaged salads 30 min be careful on the dressing don’t overdo it
32:49has allowed all that refined sugar crap fast since all sexual stuff they just
32:56don’t need so if you have to do that do it but don’t overdo it on the salad
33:01dressing and when you get back to the office immediately pour that fiber
33:06powder you’re gonna get hungry after a South everybody gets hungry after cell
33:10is just not enough so that firepower as you do it just adds this this way to
33:18your stomach that’s great and you just feel like oh my god like I’m not hungry
33:21anymore this is amazing so do that and then when I do I go straight back to the
33:26coffee go get a cup of coffee and I starts it then in October my body I’m
33:30really fault I’m ready to start working again so it’s it’s really just a brain
33:36hack gotta stay focus make sure you just showed that checked out water was fired
33:43without thinking you’ll be sure within like five minutes go make yourself a cup
33:47of coffee will be distracted before you know it back to work so just as soon as
33:54you’re thinking about just to just telling you one thing you’ll notice is
34:01after doing this fiber and working out all the time you won’t be that hungry
34:05your body’s gonna get more efficient it I just think stuff and you just want me
34:10to ok let’s move on for dinner you gonna get home from working in BC probably
34:16somewhat hungry although I will say after we could seriously cry 3 weeks and
34:21you’re really not gonna need to eat something right away I go straight to
34:26working out after work but if you worked out in the morning or something then
34:30you’ll be going right home so just go straight to this movie I suggest not
34:36eating too early or too late for me and after all times between 7:30 and 8:30 or
34:43around then so around eight o’clock after eight it’s too late you’re gonna
34:49get too much energy you can’t sleep too early and you’re gonna get hungry again
34:53before you go to bed neither of which are bad thing
34:57solve for either of those by taking a natural sleeping supplement or something
35:02your doctor prescribed or do if you’re still hungry go eat some your snack food
35:11which might make you stay awake longer but that’s your own fault so fuck you do
35:16that and that’s that’s really the way to solve it so for dinner let’s go back to
35:23you said back so let’s assume for me I wanted two different tastes so what I
35:28did was got I get coconut milk for night and adds more of a sweet vanilla flavor
35:34I guess but we’ve got a slight but if you get my protein protein powder
35:43usually has like a flip over to it so if you if you follow the same essentially
35:49the same recipe as before for from breakfasts as for dinner I don’t use
35:56frozen fruits here unless I don’t have as usual I just read banana just one I
36:02do the fistful of greens and fiber powder and protein powder protein powder
36:10is I usually choose this because I’ve just worked out
36:14protein helps you build muscles it’s actually it’s like my thinking my body
36:20for all the hard work to get a little bit bigger and cuts in that way though
36:24so that’s the deal it’s a nice totally different tastes in the morning although
36:34you’re getting a lot of the same nutrients plus potassium from the banana
36:37so that’s really helpful so it’s a little more fatty tho coconut milk as a
36:44lot more fat and orange juice but it’s good fat for you and it’s really the
36:52only that we’re going to have most of the day so it’s okay and you just worked
36:57out or I did in this area so I don’t worry about it it’s been working for me
37:01so yeah
37:04so let’s move on kind of find it absurd already so right like to start start
37:12wrapping it up like and 37 minutes is a long one so workout routine it’s pretty
37:19simple for me I gotta make it up as I go the rule is my favorite rule is
37:24essentially I go to whatever whatever which is not completely true I do have
37:29like a foundation here pretty strict set of things that I stick to but it’s
37:34usually pretty wrote rotational it’s optional you can kind of things can make
37:40it up as you go but have some men points to accomplish here may highlight your
37:46cardio and weights and I think my doctor would have erred on the side of cardio
37:50so if you can make it in for one of the two do cardio ice I definitely if you
37:57want to do this fast you want to lose a lot of weight and you wanna go back to
38:01where it should be
38:03you’re gonna need to do it that’s just going to show your body that you gotta
38:05step it up a notch
38:08weekly goals when I say that I’m not being like over the top like you gotta
38:13read everything down and just saying just try to keep track mentally of how
38:18many crunches you’re doing how many you know wait you’re you’re putting on the
38:22thing on the dumbbells try to go from twenty pounds 25 pounds of your you know
38:29if your curling for example 11 Jan 20 or 50 years of thing try to move up for
38:36example I started at twenty because I knew I could probably do it just out of
38:41previous work out spirits I like one thing I didn’t say is I i’ve been
38:45working out since I was like 13 always been in the gym sometimes a lot less
38:50frequently and sometimes lot more I definitely had a bad habit of going like
38:55once every couple weeks until I started doing this five day routine so let’s
39:01just say I knew in high school I was doing I can do 45 dumbbells for crossing
39:08each arms around eighty pounds total for curl
39:11are ninety pounds I guess so that was like a nice heavyweight back in high
39:16school and college and I knew I would not be able to do that so I started 25 I
39:20think right now I’m 35 and that’s that’s still heavy for me so I’m still working
39:25my way back up to like being really strong stuff that’s all I mean by
39:30setting goals basically I always start every workout with 10 minutes warm up
39:39it’s this is the only thing here is to make yourself comfortably comfortably
39:46heart rates heart rate elevated you know when I get your get too high or too low
39:52you just want to tell you about start working out soon you’re going from being
39:55lethargic sitting at a desk to now about to deliver some weights so about 10
40:00minutes on the elliptical treadmill push yourself a little bit not too hard you
40:04want to go over the top right away I usually focus on either a light set so
40:10more reps less more reps lower weights or for the entire workout that day or
40:17heavy set for the entire workout which is less reps and more I focus on to
40:23muscle groups at least at a time sometimes I do more or just do a full
40:27body workout is kinda hit everything just to keep myself entertained I’ll do
40:31whatever i think is best
40:32always do at least fifty to fifty to a hundred ab workout reps there so just
40:40gimme some more career oriented or just straight situps just something to get
40:46your outside action that’s because I know that now is like doing that in
40:49there is a just reward to try to get more of a six pack I guess so
40:56to avoid the end of the workout I was doing mile run on the treadmill or
41:01elliptical and this is this is strict always do this this is if you’re getting
41:08tired I would cut out some of the weights and then still do the mile run
41:12maybe do one cycle workout and then run or set of 2 normally I do you two cycles
41:22every workout I focus on doing three sets per muscle group or per rotation
41:31her exercise so that’s kind of confusing so it ends up being nine sets and three
41:41of those sets are on different machines different exercises for different muscle
41:47groups so normally focus on either arms back chest core legs or full body
41:54normally do like three sets on this machine 3 cents on that machine three
42:00sets on this machine all focusing on one muscle group and then I’ll move on and
42:05then I’ll cycle that and start over on different machines doing the same
42:09exercise something similar or something like that sort of being a total of six
42:14different sets two cycles as I would call it a night earlier but either way
42:21it’s I did two cycles I guess nine’s each for each exercise so try to figure
42:30out my blog it’s it’s up there it’s not that confusing I just have to import
42:34obviously the only rule is that I do try to push myself pretty hard especially
42:43right off the bat I was really getting into it and I was really excited about
42:47it so now it’s kind of torn down and I’m just trying to stay stay with the group
42:53stay with us on Monday easily the worst day of the week so like I said I do your
43:01Tuesday after warm up and use many pull ups as I can for just a good way to
43:07measure how strong you are
43:09overall I’ve always measure like many pools as I can do kind of put you at
43:14ease your overall Lake accessory that’s like I don’t know just to me it seems
43:20like you do that you can do a lot of other stuff and so i i couldn’t do 10 in
43:27one go I could project for the most but now I can do tin
43:32like a set of 10 reps get up to about 15 before I’d like just did that I just
43:39move on next thing so that’s the only one I do every Tuesday to get my body
43:45back into the groove the rest of the day I do usually a light workout focusing on
43:51arms usually it’s an armed a fifth starter pull ups are usually do the rest
43:56of arms either back or ABS or something more career oriented or legs so the next
44:04day I don’t ever really do chest or arms in the same day just so I’ve always done
44:12it that way
44:13chest and tri’s back for always kind of the two groups you do together that’s
44:18kind of a core seen here but not strict at all so the next day on Wednesday all
44:23do white it’s a white world get more reps less weight so I go into bingeing
44:29and flies either some back or legs usually ending on a flurry of planks and
44:34pushups so ten second holes of planks and then 10 pushups repeat till you’ve
44:41done each thirty times as thirty seconds of planks total 30 seconds or 30
44:48push-ups in that at the end warm down every every workout as a warm up and
44:53warm down periods keep that in mind Thursday warm-up heavy sets of arms from
44:59rotating from Tuesday since you arms and I was due to heavy set of arms so it’s
45:06going to be pushing yourself trying to gain new records in their goals and on
45:12squats I always do squats on this day
45:16squats are really important part of your health so when you’re I’ve just read
45:21online thats wats up
45:22your whole body deal with the fact that you’re pushing up a lot of weight that
45:27helps your calcification your bones and helps your muscles deal to just prepared
45:32a bill to build muscle so it’s just good for you all around if you wanna
45:37afterwards you definitely want to kind of work your way down and in your legs
45:41to doing some light lunges squats without any way is good to just kinda
45:46keep everything moving but more light and then you want to do some distressing
45:52him he inquired stretches especially if you’re an old man or something like that
45:55you want to warm down so the mile run that’s also kind of a stretch so you’re
46:02gonna be here for full range of motion back to it that Friday your warm-up
46:07heavyset just tries so I usually try to max out of bench here do a lot of
46:13triceps just really destroy my body in a good way for groups really isolated and
46:20if a lot of impacts from working out you want to feel that working out going into
46:25saturday and sunday say you got that pool party will show about you know what
46:30suspects you know look those arms look good you feel good warm down on Friday
46:36make sure you get that Milan before the weekend now on the weekends I just take
46:42it easy after the diet of kind of started eating shitty again
46:47drinking more on the weekends I went to Vegas actually during I think most my
46:53second week i think is the beginning of my third week on this you know what
46:58happens in Vegas stays in Vegas let’s just say that I broke my diet a lot
47:02there and I got background on it right back on and you know the next day back
47:06to so
47:09just stay with that my first couple weeks though first couple weekends I
47:15would squeeze in about 40 pushups or short 23 mile run that would put it put
47:22me in a good place for the rest of the week and you don’t have to do that but
47:27it’s definitely good if you’re at a party and then we’ll start the next day
47:31you don’t have anything to do with your gonna either something you’re gonna get
47:35a big meal or a lot of carbs essentially is going on at work
47:41cancel that out like this is a cancel out so it’s really does so let’s get the
47:49results you know early when I got my test results back I had you know
47:56HDL cholesterol is your good cholesterol 31 milligrams DL whatever that is
48:04deals fifty five milligrams and high triglycerides 273 under exaggerated
48:11before but it’s 273 where my bad and if we look at the test results afterward
48:18first of all I got a Dr note from a doctor in my email saying he did a great
48:22job with your exercise he just went into the blood test home everything was taken
48:27he said wow good job on your research is that the fire was really a great move up
48:32to the diet he also said vitamin D was great he said the official was exactly
48:38what he would have done to you was impressed that I did all that on my own
48:41he didn’t actually recommend any of that take that with a grain of salt
48:46recommended doctor so I made up the necessary but at the same time I you
48:53know getting on this regiment feels good
48:56your body respond when you when you put it to work we do have goals in mind just
49:02do all that it will work it work for you so the lab results were good HDL
49:08cholesterol one point shy away of being back to normal sis is the only one that
49:14I didn’t get back to normal everything else was good I i brought everything
49:18back to healthy levels
49:20LDL cholesterol is in range of a sudden milligrams per DL my deal deals were 29
49:27milligram steal my triglycerides ready nice 145 kilograms deal so everything’s
49:34looking good bad cholesterol down good cholesterol and almost in normal range
49:39and I took that mean I still do a good job and you should too if you can get
49:44any of these back back on track slowly that’s fine I recommend going if you
49:50really have a lot about withdrawing you have a stunning struggling I would make
49:53the situation three-time process can get blood work every time your doctor in on
50:00it too he can help you or she can help you and but definitely definitely get
50:06that worked out I got everything worked out I was really proud of myself feels
50:12good to have followed some regimen that I put in place that’s not super strict
50:16but it works
50:17knowing how you can knowing how to stay disciplined takes an admission of
50:22honesty about how you are normally in admitting that a lot of it is
50:27distracting yourself from your your cravings and your needs
50:32I can’t stress enough how much the fiber appetite suppressant works suppressing
50:38works with and if you just need some higher spiritual help the meditation and
50:44yoga and the good vibes stuff is really helpful also been tricky can do is to
50:49tell all your friends that you’re doing this
50:53tell me about cluster on this is your goal and if they start trying to be a
50:58bad influence they say we need to go eat somewhere shitty offer too good a coffee
51:02instead offer did not go drinking but do something instead you know let’s go on a
51:08walk let’s do this without me and there’s a lot of the things you can
51:13actually do that you can to avoid these bad situations but I’m flipside
51:19definitely reward yourself ok you know once in awhile let’s let’s assume that
51:25you’re you’re pretty moderate with your your habits everything go out for a
51:29night on the town
51:30strut your stuff with your new unibody
51:33you know flex muscles in from some women just so you feel better you know you
51:38actually did you don’t have two people on that check this out
51:41bitterly fought it and tell me to shut up and it was it was great very
51:46rewarding yeah so if you enjoyed the story if you want to do anything more I
51:52was trying to keep out a lot of the personal feelings and stuff just
51:54essentially because I knew I was going to go along with all the details again I
51:58refer to my blog for any more detailed information about my diet but what I
52:03bought essentially this is a quick way that I I found to fix my cholesterol and
52:10I think if I were to keep having problems I would just referred to the
52:14sky keep doing it although I would maybe get bored me switch it up or get the
52:19advice of doctors and really kind of dig in more I think the next goal will be to
52:24build his body out keep cleaning it out build some muscle and staying strong on
52:31the moderate drinking and good carb diets alright everybody hope you enjoy
52:36the steps again if you want more information please feel free to comment
52:41or tweet at me David Blaine David Blaine
52:44the L in my last name is the one that’s the only thing Davi d be 18 and he the
52:51one is a number one not spelled out so you know otherwise you guys have a great
52:58time this this this weekend coming up I think labor is coming up here came from
53:04as I would have another upset time it’s actually been probably eight months so I
53:08apologize but can’t wait to do another one
53:13thank you


"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

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  • Josh

    August 31, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Nice article. It’s amazing how resilient the human body is when you provide it the very things it was designed to take in!

    Just wanted to add something that you may or may not realize: Cholesterol intake != increase in blood cholesterol levels, believe it or not. There’s a plethora of solid studies on PubMed that will confirm this! It’s likely that the overconsumption of grains, sugars, and inactivity led to this. So don’t throw out whole eggs, shrimp, and other foods just because of this!

  • David

    August 31, 2015 at 1:38 pm


    Thanks for reading! Awesome feedback. If you happen to have a link to the study, I’m happy to amend that portion with a link to the study!