David Blane Studios Youtube LogoDavid Blane Studios is a bright and unique studio in Atlanta which consists of helping your online presence grow. Online Videos are great for many reasons. Whether they are for a personal blog or a travel show, your videos deserves a chance to grow and surpass the competition.


David Blane Studios VimeoI, David Blane, have been working with videos since I was 8 years old. Although, at that time, I focused primarily on Lego and Play-Doh movies. Some of which rival many viral videos today in terms of creativity and charm.

Today, I have put together Online Videos in the form of web-series, portfolio  showcases, trailers, product reviews and more… Most of the ideas lay in the hands of my clients, but I really enjoy helping them conceive the ideas. And, with my online marketing experience and my technological know-how, we come up with some pretty awesome ideas!

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YES! We’ll shoot that! Ever see the people traveling the world and making videos about the cool restaurants they visit? David Blane Studios knows how to make these things happen. With your budget, you will be surprised at what can be accomplished. Technology is making things easier and easier for everyone to do what they love. So what separates you from the crowd? Call me, and I’ll explain.


Together we’ll watch your ideas become reality. The performance is key and we’ll be able to watch the success of each video as it grows. This gives us precious information for us to reach your audience more effectively.

What you need for Online Videos:

  • Small production budget
  • Great ideas
  • Positive outlook
  • Reachable audience
  • Consistency

Sorry the above list is not an acronym. If you need help making Online Videos give me a call. We can work long distance and locally. All it takes is a little Creativity..

David Blane Studios is located in Atlanta. Contact Me…