Email drip campaigns can be a very effective way of achieving the best customer communication flow. It can help greatly in building a good customer relationship, increasing customer retention and significantly increasing sales which is typically all the good things that any marketer wants. Drip campaigns are used by marketers for lead nurturing. In order to highlight the top five effective drip campaigns we have to understand what drip campaigns are all about.

What Are Marketing Automation Drip Campaigns?

They are pre-written, automated emails that are sent over a period of time and at certain intervals; triggered by customer behavior. These types of campaigns are typically used by salespeople who use them for lead nurturing. The campaigns are automated sets of emails that are sent based on specific user actions or timelines. They allow you stay in touch with people based on when a user signs up for an account on your account or how often your site is visited by that user.

These automated emails can be personalized the name of your contacts, company info, and much more. Drip marketing simply means giving people the right information at the right time. For example, if an individual subscribes to your blog newsletter, a drip campaign can send him/her a welcome email immediately, and two days later, it will send another email that shows your most-read content. Or if a potential client has been lingering through your premium upgrade page for some time but has not yet signed up, a drip campaign can send them an automated email showing five reasons why they should buy the premium plan. The thing that is special about drip emails is that everything happens automatically based on user segments and triggers that you define. As we said, earlier drip campaigns are used by marketers for lead nurturing. What is lead nurturing?

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a very powerful tool that can be used by your marketing and sales teams, as well as your customer a service team. Lead nurturing can play a critical role in your internal enablement endeavors. For those who are hoping to get more creative with their nurturing campaigns, I have made a list of five of the best drip campaigns to help you.

What are the best drip campaigns? Building a drip campaign is relatively easy. But perfecting it requires patience, relentless optimization and more practice. A good drip campaign with quality content along with interesting and relevant information will always be the best and most successful. Here are the top five drip campaigns.

  1. Welcome Campaign

Welcome emails are frequently opened, usually highly anticipated, and very easy to automate. You have to keep in mind that any new prospects in your database have to be treated differently than those that have been with you for longer periods of time (weeks or months). By changing your welcome emails to a drip campaign, you can easily introduce your new clients to your company, and your products, or services at a comfortable pace, instead of bombarding them with information right from the start. Remember you have to remind them of why they converted, validate their opt-in, and start giving them light educational content to create awareness and maintain their interest.

  1. Product-Focused Campaign

As protective clients pass through the sales process and begin to look for a more product-focused content, you will have to make sure they are getting the necessary information from you, and not from your competitor or a biased third party. Stay focused on your prospective client’s pain points, and how your product can address their problems. You should also focus on the benefits and key features that can be of help to them. For you to go along this type of drip, you have to use more direct contents like customer testimonials, data sheets, case studies, and more thorough white papers.

  1. Renewal Campaign

The renewal drip campaign is a convenient way of reminding your already existing clients that the time has come for them to renew their contracts. It can be triggered a month or much earlier before the contract renewal date. This type of drip campaign sends numerous reminder emails over a particular time frame, and it notifies the assigned customer in the marketing automation app if no action has taken place. This makes it unlikely for your clients to miss the renewal of their contracts.

  1. Promotional Drips

As your prospective customers get closer to the purchasing stage of the sales funnel, a special discount or well-timed promotion can be the catalyst they need to make a purchase. You can consider offering additional features or special pricing that is based on their individual needs, especially if you are working with bigger accounts were conducting the deal is critical to the growth of your business.

  1. Re-engagement Campaign

Not all your prospective clients will go through the sales process and make a purchase. Your database will consist of several prospects who became inactive at any given time in the sales process. Re-engagement campaigns are built for these inactive leads. The aim is to encourage these inactive prospects to take action that indicates that they are ready to go through the sales process. So, you should try sending an encouraging blog post, a fresh and interactive content, or a very successful case study for this type of drip campaign.


Whichever tool you decide to use, marketing automation drip campaigns can help you to nurture leads without using up all your time. If you stick with your customers and show them how to use your product they will come to love your brand.


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