Facebook LogoHave you been seeing a lot of the same people on your Newsfeed(1) lately? Maybe you have started to wonder if you are not seeing ALL of your friends. Perhaps you haven’t seen that one person who used to show up constantly on your Newsfeed, and you are thinking, “Is Facebook hiding people automatically for me now?” That is exactly what is going on.

The Bad

I had begun to wonder about this several weeks ago (I think it’s safe to assume they have many ways of controlling the Newsfeed). Either way, the bad news here is that they feel the need to control who you interact with. Some may say that this is a good feature that weeds out unnecessary friends, others will see it as a regulatory measure better left up to the Facebook users.

The Good

Although they have implemented this feature without alerting the majority of Facebook users, you do have control over it. Hidden in your Newsfeed settings on your homepage is a privacy control option that allows you to either select, “Show posts from: Friends and Pages you interact with most” or “Show posts from: All of your Friends and Pages”.

Facebook Newsfeed Options

Changing Your Facebook Newsfeed Settings:

All you have to do is go to your home newsfeed while logged into Facebook. Now scroll down to the bottom and look for “Edit Options”. When you click it you will see the two settings listed above (Also refer to the picture)

My Opinion:

I would rather stick to ‘hiding’ obnoxious friends or deleting them. Unless you are promoting yourself as a brand or just need lots of attention maybe it’s time for a good spring cleaning. This year start with your friends list.

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(1) To make sure I’m clear, the Newsfeed is where you will be directed when you are signed into Facebook and click the ‘home’ button.





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