Photographers, graphic designers and the average person-that-needs-better-photograph often wonders what makes a photo That-Much-Better than other images and photos. There are some techniques that most photographers and designers use.  David Blane Studios offers a service that directly enhance the value of your image.

The Digital Image Enhancement Process Includes:

  • Remove Artifacts
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • Filter Adding and Reduction
  • Image Replacement, Augmentation and Creation

It’s true, some image stand out more than others. Take the example below of DBStudios Digital Enhancement. The Before and After shows SIGNIFICANT improvements. We can do this for you.


digital enhancement before after by David Blane Studios


There will be drastic improvements to your images. There’s no limit to what can be created or made in the digital realm. Our level of detail is superior even at the lowest level of enhancement. Fixing an image should make it stand out, gain attention and make someone say, “WOW!”

Reasons To Enhance Images or Photos:

  • You’re afraid existing photos or images are dull
  • Aren’t sure what the next step in editing images or photographs
  • You are ready to upgrade your images or photographs

We have several ways that we can handle your images. Contact us to figure out what’s best for you.