David Blane Studios

PLEASE NOTE: David Blane Studios is not currently taking Search Marketing or Internet Marketing Clients. For now, David Blane Studios is going to be my personal project company where I work on projects like: The Story of Michael. For SEO/SEM and more, please contact David Blane at Swarm Agency.

David Blane Studios is a business located in the Atlanta area that focuses on internet media and marketing. Specializing in creating website search engine dominance, online videos and brand development. If you’re looking for a place to grow business and need to reach the next step, David Blane Studios is here to help.

SEO Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is what separates successful websites from ordinary websites. Work with us to get a your site up to par with the highest SEO standards.

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Website Design

Website Design

DBStudios builds small to medium sized business website and providing building blocks as well as knowledgeable consulting.

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Online Videos

Online Videos

Creating clean, easy to follow, fun and unique videos is what DBStudios excels at. Optimized for the internet, the new age of media online integration is only getting bigger.

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Other Services

David Blane Studios focuses on growing your presence on the internet. We feel that there are key elements go into your presence online. Many of the services we offer should already be a part of your online presence. Media, for us, are content creation, imaging, music and video. Marketing is the broader term involved with those elements. Our Marketing services are brand development, brand analysis, public relations (social networking), website design (WordPress, Joomla, etc…) and SEO.

Brand Development

In need of an image make over? DBStudios can help rejuvenate a lifeless brand. Work with us to ensure your brand succeeds. Learn More About Brand Development

Content Creation

Content for web pages, articles and blogs posts. We write for SEO as well as valuable content. Also available is PR content such as Press Releases or company announcements. Learn More About Content Creation

Digital Image Enhancement

We can take ordinary images and make them extraordinary. with almost 10 years in Photoshop experience, We know how to make your images pop! Learn More About Digital Image Enhancement

Music Coordinating

Creating music for online videos, intros and background layers. There is a need for getting the right sound for media.  Learn More About Music Coordinating

Graphic Design

Design takes a critical eye and a care for presenting the brand correctly. We have experience in finding the best look and feel for logos, icons, and pictures. Learn More About Graphic Design

2D Animation

Intro logo’s for videos, moving graphics, blue screen keying and more. David Blane Studios can help you get your video’s off the ground. Learn More About 2D Animation

Atlanta Services

Since we are located in Atlanta we are able to set up meetings in person. This allows us to get a unique feel for how working together will be. We find being local can be an advantage for some. We offer many of our same services in Atlanta as we would anywhere else in the world. SEO and Website Design for example. Learn more about David Blane Studios Atlanta Services