about david blane studios camera davidDavid Blane Studios is about you. If you are looking to further your business online through media or need help planning new developments in your business, David Blane Studios can help by offering a unique perspective.

Mission Statement:

Mission statements are meant to sum up your company to it’s core. This is an important feature of any business and while we work together you will see how important it is.

My mission statement has been boiled down to three words.
Abstract, Simplified, Effectiveness

These words develop over time. Now onto the actual statement. For marketing purposes it’s helpful to have a tempo when selling yourself. It adds excitement but most of all it shows you are creative and have thought about what yourself (and business). Missions statements have become more like a movie tag-line then a description of the product or service.

While it’s EXTREMELY important to represent your core principles strongly, it’s not the only thing that will sell you. You have to make it fun, snappy and entertaining. Especially for today’s media-driven market.

DBStudios Mission Statemen
Productive thoughtfulness that develops innovative ways to accomplish  goals through online media.

David Blane Studios Purpose:

Essentially David Blane Studios is me, David Blane. I have come from a background of artistry and entertainment, but I have always been productively motivated; to create something great. I always have personal projects on the side and love what I do. Helping people/businesses has been a newer development for myself and it has become quite fun!

From creative writing to marketing, I like taking practices from one area of interest and adapt it to another. It’s kind of like cooking in a way. By searching and testing, you can always come up with something exciting and that tastes awesome. It just takes the right perspective.

If you come with me we will take further and larger steps. Through a process of searching, discovery, and renewal a great place lays beyond where you may currently dwell. My greatest reward from doing this kind of work is seeing the progress and the success. Ultimately David Blane Studios should be only one stop on your way to thriving in your marketplace.

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